Built on years of agency experience

We know exactly what it’s like to have client ambitions stutter and stall because of the clunkiness of Magento, the limitations of Shopify or the lack of support for WooCommerce.

We know how important reliability, speed and great personal support really is when your agency is on the line.

Shopit was built to take your customers into growth, whilst costing less.

Ecommerce made easy

Integrating with Shopit Cloud as your ecommerce setup makes faster development and better, scalable, projects.

Our powerful and flexible set of APIs allows you to build your Clients site exactly to their requirements – no longer do you need to hack at an existing code base to do what you need the system to do.

Powerful REST APIs

All REST APIs provide all the product and order data you require, but it is your project requirements that will define how you use and display this data – we do not limit data in anyway.

Best of all, you can use any language or combination of languages to build your store front – Ruby, PHP, Python, JS, Swift or .NET.

Project customisation

You and the client will also need to customise the admin area – upload products and create categories, design packing templates, create product views and more.

Shopit’s simple interface makes this process quick and easy. Import/export tools make creating multiple variations simple, as does creating time sensitive collections.

Project launch

Once you’re ready to go live, you can be sure that the client’s site is on the fastest and most reliable global cloud network available – and it’s cost effective too. Our Pay As You Grow pricing model means that they can grow their business with confidence.

24/7 support

You and your client will also benefit from a 24/7 support network. For specific projects your client can nominate you in any of three levels of support, details of which are available in our Support and Maintenance Agreement:

  • Standard Support
  • Priority Support
  • Premium Support

For you to gain support as an Agency – staff training, development roadmaps and more – you will need to sign up for our Premier Partner Programme.

Instant upgrades

All Shopit updates are automatic, so you will receive the latest features immediately without you having to do anything. All updates are backwards compatible so any applications using our APIs will not have issues.