Supplier Purchase Orders

Making it easy to maintain stock levels

Keeping customers satisfied

Out of Stock Notifications

Set your product inventory limits, and get your notifications of when an item needs to be reordered.


Simple Reordering

If you decide that you do want to restock an item, it’s simple to build an order for single or multiple items against a supplier using last price or a new buying price and send the order by email.

Supplier Reordering

Choose from Different Suppliers

It’s likely that you will buy the same item from multiple suppliers depending on price and availability.

Now you can link a product to multiple supplier records, each with the latest pricing and order history information so you can choose accordingly.


Multiple Suppliers

Review Outstanding SPOs

Keep an eye on your outstanding Supplier Purchase Orders, and book in stock against incoming deliveries. The system will highlight discrepancies which can then be turned into overstock SPOs, rejected to B stock or returned – your choice.


Outstanding SPOs

Profit and Loss Reporting

Information before reordering is vital – so for each order you place, the buying prices and age of stock will be recorded, meaning you can make informed future decisions about inventory.