Unlimited eCommerce 

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited products
  • Inventory management
  • Editable templates
  • Multichannel management
  • Lowest gateway fees

What they say

customer feedback


“Choosing Shopit was a great decision, it does everything for our eCommerce operation”

Jock Kennedy, London Shoeshine

London Shoeshine ecommerce design
Shopit eCommerce dashboard

Unlimited features for everyone

Create multiple websites, manage rich product information and utilise inventory management from day one

Create Multiple eCommerce sites
Extend your sales reach

Create and Manage Multiple Sites

One product – multiple audiences. Multiple revenue streams.

This is how you’re going to grow.



What eCommerce features do I get with Shopit?


Product Management

Manage unlimited product information and create your own custom product fields

Unlimited Sites

Create and manage multiple sites with alternate brands, and in different languages

Trade & B2B features

Approve customers, offer unique discounts and allow 30 day payments all included

Inventory Management

Create and manage all your stock across an unlimited number of stock locations 



Choose a template, or code your own design, for an unlimited number of sites.


Order Management

Create and manage custom workflows and customer communications

Fulfilment & Shipping

Create your own fulfilment workflow, shipping rules and connect to carriers


Save money on gateway fees – starting at only 1.2%+9p for everyone

Grow your store with our integrations
Low Payment Gateway rates

Exclusive low gateway fees starting from just 1.2% +9p

  • Lower than Shopify
  • Lower than Paypal
  • Lower than EKM

Always low gateway fees for everyone – irrespective of your turnover

Pay as you Grow

eCommerce site builder

Create your site(s)

With the 30 day Shopit free trial, you can quickly and easily start setting up your site(s).

Unlimited categories, products and users for everyone, you can start with our templates or code your own 

eCommerce site analytics

Boost your traffic

Our lower costs mean you can focus your time and budgets on generating traffic and sales for your sites.

Our autoscaling cloud platform responds to all bandwidth demands in an instant

Pay as you Go eCommerce

Pay as you Grow

Simply pay for the resources you use, not for your downtime.

As a result, we are frequently lower priced than other major comparative eCommerce platforms


Cloud Hosting

Shopit runs entirely on Google’s Cloud Platform providing unparallelled speedsecurity and capacity – allowing all your websites and applications to autoscale instantaneously

Google Cloud hosting

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