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In real terms, Shopit is more cost effective than any ecommerce platform out there – giving you full enterprise level functionality at a lower cost. See how you can save by estimating your price


Simply pay for what you use

Petrol, electricity, food.

You pay for the energies you need as you consume them – and your business should be the same.

When Shopify and BigCommerce charge you fixed licence and hosting fees, they are charging you for every single minute of the day, even when you and your customers are asleep. You pay the same for 3am as you do for 6pm.

And we don’t think that’s fair.

By applying fees only when your site is being used by your customers, Shopit helps you save money during the quiet hours. We harness the power of Google Cloud to give you fast, resilient and autoscaling hosting to ensure your server boots up in milliseconds should the masses arrive at 3am.

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Every feature available

EKM and Lemonstand and every other eCommerce platform give you different feature sets according to what you pay. Linnworks charge you by the number of staff you having using the system.

And we don’t think that’s fair either.

We want you to grow your business from day one, and that means giving you all of the tools you need to get running. For as many staff as you want.


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What’s more, our typical clients pay less than 0.3% of their online turnover for supreme hosting and ecommerce features, which is less than the fixed fees of other limited platforms.

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Growing brands choose Shopit Cloud

These current client fees include software license and global hosting


Healthcare Supplier

100k turnover | 9000 annual visits

Shopit Cloud: £139/mth

or 0.16% of revenue

Printing Supplies Company

£350k turnover | 12,000 annual visits

Shopit Cloud: £139/mth

or 0.47% of revenue

Mobility Aids Retailer

£2 million turnover | 450,000 annual visits

Shopit Cloud: £350/mth

0.19% of revenue

Outdoor Goods Retailer

£3 million turnover | 1.2 million annual visits

Shopit Cloud: £350/mth

0.14% of revenue

Sports Goods Wholesaler

£5 million turnover | 70,000 annual visits

Shopit Cloud: £280/mth

0.06% of revenue