Compare Shopit with Shopify Plus

See how Shopit compares with the Shopify Plus eCommerce platform

Where does Shopify Plus fit?

Shopify is one of the world’s most popular ecommerce platforms, offering several different tiers of functionality with equally tiered pricing. With Basic/Standard/Pro packages costing £29/£79/229 you only get what you pay for

Shopify Plus is their premium enterprise level platform priced at £2,000/mth and is aimed at multi-store vendors.

The core codebase is basically the same as the lower tiers, but with some excellent advanced workflow and reporting features. Merchants will still rely on third party plugins to increase functionality.

Our Opinion

Despite Shopify Plus being their flagship enterprise level ecommerce platform, it is surprising that they continue to limit features and penalise ambitious business owners. Although they offer a lower payment gateway rate compared to their lower tiered options, they still financially penalise you for choosing an alternative payment gateway to their own.

Uptake to Shopify Plus has been comparatively slow; brands unsure of the increased value they are getting for such a huge increase in costs.

When migrating ecommerce businesses to Shopit, we have drastically cut their costs.

Customer Case Study

When a leading clothing brand with 3 international stores switch from Shopify Plus to Shopit, the advantages and savings were outstanding. With a £7million turnover, there was plenty to gain.

Our PAYG model and lower gateway fees saved them over £68,000 per year, and allowed them to reinvest in their designs and marketing.

They have also been able to benefit from unlimited store creation – meaning they can expand operations into more countries. All at no extra development cost.


Total Savings: £68,300

More gains: Unlimited Stores to grow internationally

  • Shopify Plus Gateway fees per annum: 134k
  • Shopit Gateway Fees per annum: 81k
  • Shopify Plus subscription fees per annum: £24k
  • Shopit subscription fees per annum (3m visits): £8.7k

Shopify Plus Comparison Table

Shopit Shopify Plus
Monthly Price from £20 £2,000
Feature Set Unlimited Limited
Free Trial (days) 30 14
Comparison based on core features (functionality may be available via paid/free plugins)
Selling Online
Online Stores Unlimited 10
Stock Locations Unlimited 20
Staff Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited Products
Free SSL certificate
Payment Gateways
Native gateway (no development needed)
Online Credit Card Rates Compare 1.0% + 10p 1.6% + 20p
Third Party Gateway Surcharges (e.g. Paypal) 0% 0.5%
Store Management
Centralised Product Management
Custom User Workflows
Product Prioritisation
Build an Order
Discount Management
Easy Stock Transfer
Advanced Reporting
Fully Editable Templates
Editable Checkout
Native Blog
B2B Specific Features
Estimates/Proforma Invoices
Approve Customer Accounts
Volume Discounts
Allow 30 Day 'On Account' Payments
Choice of Hosting Location
Autoscale Hosting
Open API Access

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