Every feature for every user

We believe in giving every big business ecommerce tool to you from the moment you sign up, so that you can also become a big business.

At no extra cost.

Shopit really does do everything for your store

1. Upload Products

Import, or manually add, your items to a central product inventory

2. Allocate Items

Easily allocate items to a sales channel, edit prices and descriptions

3. Sell on multiple channels

Launch your own trade and consumer sites, target niches or key accounts, sell different products

4. Save money, every day

A PAYG platform that flexes with you - and there's no need to upgrade - everything from day one

5. Manage everything centrally

Process all orders centrally, manage stock centrally, ship at low cost

Why would you use anything else?



Everything you need

Shopit is the all in one solution for sellers who want simplicity.


Choose a template, or code your own bespoke design, for an unlimited number of stores



Unlimited products, unlimited categories - easily choose what you want to sell on each site



Merchandising to custom urls for SEO, we're making it easy to drive traffic to your sites


Multi Site,,, - boost your sales and go global from one admin



Approve customers, offer unique discounts and allow 30 day payments - all included



Create and manage multiple stock locations - retail stores, warehouses and digital only



Multiple sites means more and more orders, now with custom views, statuses and workflows


Low Payments

Save money instantly with our low gateway fees for everyone. Starting at just 1.0% + 10p - lower than Shopify and Paypal


Everything they ever needed

London fashion brand Marvin Browne built their beautiful store on Shopit having seen the full range of eCommerce controls that come as standard

  • Unlimited products
  • Stock Control
  • Order Management
  • Shipping Labels & Costs
  • and much more…
marvin browne ecommerce store
no no, no no no No, there’s no limits

Be Unlimited

No more tiers.

Shopify, BigCommerce, EKM and many other platforms limit your scale with tiered pricing. Limited features for those on limited budgets.

Whatever your budget, do more with Shopit.


My entire team was prototyping by the end of the first day!

Shopit has changed the way that we – and our clients – think about eCommerce. Finally the shackles have been lifted and it’s a joy to see them grow “



A snapshot of some key questions – you can also submit your own

How does the free trial work?

Every customer that signs up for their 30 day free trial can test and play with every feature that Shopit develops. Once live, those features continue to be available to everyone on a Pay as you Grow basis. 

How often do you release new features?

Our team are constantly building new features to add to the Shopit platform – shipping integrations, marketplace integrations, new design templates and more. Sometimes it’s 2 per month, sometimes it’s 10.

Do you offer custom feature development?

We welcome any new idea that will help your business, and once developed, release it as a core module. Whether it’s improving speed, stock management, or security, we believe in continual improvements

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. If you decide you want to cancel your account you can do easily by contacting the team by email, and we will immediately cancel your account with no questions asked.

We're a B2B business - can you help us?

Shopit includes a number of B2B features available to all including: estimates/proformas, 30 day account payments, approved customers, volume discounting and more. 

What if I get stuck?

Every new client has the opportunity of a free onboarding walkthough of each feature. We also offer standard and extended support contracts for those who demand more.

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