We give every user access to every feature that we develop

We believe in giving every big business ecommerce tool to you from the moment you sign up, so that you can also become a big business. At no extra cost.


Create & Manage Multiple Stores

Create and manage multiple stores from one dashboard. Make sales globally by offering multi-language versions of your products and websites

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Unlimited Products, Categories and Users

Sell as many products and variations as you wish across multiple sites with Shopit – build kits from single items, offer volume discounts and get notifications of stock-outs before reordering. And have as many people/partners working on the sites as you wish.

You can even do real time competitor price comparisons with the click of a button.

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Inventory Management

Accurate stock information is the key to your success. Which is why Shopit is one of the few eCommerce platforms to offer extensive, easy to use inventory features as standard – to everyone.

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Order Management

Highly versatile and rich information filled order management.

Create and customise your own order statuses and customer email notifications, and design your fulfilment workflow as you wish. Create your own orders to send to customers, adding manual notes and even custom fields for your own messages or data.

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Create & Manage Workflow

Design your own product and order management screens to match your own workflow and user roles.

Our tabbed screens enable you to quickly move between different order types and see only the necessary information that you configure.

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Fulfilment and Shipping

Create your own fulfilment workflow internally
Assign orders to be picked from a default stock location, create custom shipping rules per country and postcode, or based on weight or order value – you choose.

What’s more you can input and monitor the courier costs to you, and see how profitable each order is

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Supplier Reordering

Running low on stock?

Create and track purchase orders against your linked suppliers for each product to ensure continuity of sales.

You can modify the notifications, factor in lead times, and alter buying prices which will in turn help you analyse your profitability.

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Estimates and Invoices

Not every customer wants to pay online using a debit card – especially in the B2B world.

Within Shopit, you can raise estimate orders to email for  approval by your customers, before converting to them orders and requesting payment.

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Sell on Marketplaces

Create and manage multiple global marketplaces from one dashboard.

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Design your Store

When it comes to design, we want your team or agency to have full freedom of creativity.

Whether you choose to begin with one of our Shopit templates, or go for a bespoke creation, our API endpoints connect your design with the core platform.

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Shopit aims to enable entrepreneurs make data driven decisions, then follow them up with key marketing campaigns.

Whether you use our customisable discount coupon module with expiry dates and product/category application, or generate cross sell groups to build basket values, Shopit is here to help you sell more.

SEO friendly urls that you can customise, Google sitemap generation and our automatic redirection feature will keep the digital marketing team happy.

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Google Cloud Hosting

Every Shopit client benefits from the fast, resilient and secure hosting that is Google Cloud Platform. Fully encrypted, always the latest technology and fully managed by a pure server company.

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Everything for everyone

Shopit offers every one of our core features to every client.

That includes SSL certificates, multiple stock locations, and multiple sales channels. You can connect Shopit to your Amazon and eBay accounts as well as 40 other global marketplaces to increase your reach.

Our OpenAPI technology means you can also connect to any API-enabled third party such as Mailchimp, Quickbooks and Shipworks so you can maintain your legacy systems.

We believe in equality. We believe in opportunity.