Compare Shopit with EKM

How does Shopit compare to EKM?

EKM is a relative success story for the UK eCommerce market, with a hardworking and well intentioned Preston team. A wide range of templates, a marketplace connection offering (that passes you over to ChannelGrabber) and ongoing support make them an attractive option.


EKM though – formerly branded as EKM Powershop – are yet another provider to follow the tiered pricing/tiered functionality model of so many eCommerce platforms. Yet another company who limits your functionality and toolset based on what you can afford – not good for the ambitious startup wanting to grow, or mid-size seller wanting to scale.

Due to a recent takeover, EKM has completely changed its gateway billing model. They have introduced transaction fees of 2% / 1% / 0.5% for anyone who chooses NOT to use their default gateway choice of ClearAccept.

However, even using ClearAccept means that merchants are charged an uncompetitive fee of 1.4% + 20p. That’s in addition to the subscription fees of £42/£84/£252 to trade. Compared to Shopit’s lifetime low rate of 1.0% + 10p for everyone, that results in a lot of unnecessary merchant costs.


Add-ons Often Required

The range of templates and features are good with some nice integrations into Facebook etc – clearly aimed at startups. No real in-built stock inventory management means customers need to pay extra for third party stock systems.

No multi site options (except the ChannelGrabber marketplace option) means you are again limited, and they are another to penalise you by limiting your staff numbers access according to your budget.

Another big difference to Shopit is hosting. We have no record of EKM server reliability, save to say that we doubt they offer the same fresh technical infrastructure that Google Cloud Hosting offers. Nor the speed, multi-region deliverability and possibly the reliability.

Take a look at our detailed comparison below of the core features included from day one (not plugins). EKM also offer an Pro package for £549+vat per month, which seems to include a design and consultancy service.

EKM Comparison Chart

Shopit EKM Basic EKM Standard EKM Advanced
Monthly Price from£20 £42 £84 £252
Feature Set Unlimited Limited Limited Limited
Free Trial (days) 30 14 14 14
Recommended for Everyone <50k 50-150k 150k-1m
Comparison based on core features (functionality may be available via paid/free plugins)
Selling Online
Online Stores Unlimited 1 1 1
Stock Locations Unlimited
Staff Accounts Unlimited 1 5 15
Unlimited Products 500
Free SSL certificate
Payment Gateways
Native gateway (no development needed)
Online Credit Card Rates Compare 1.0% + 10p 1.4% +20p 1.4% +20p 1.4% +20p
Third Party Gateway Surcharges (e.g. Paypal) 0% 2% 1% 0.5%
Store Management
Custom User Workflows
Product Prioritisation
Build an Order
Discount Management
Easy Stock Transfer
Advanced Reporting
Fully Editable Templates
Native Blog
B2B Specific Features
Estimates/Proforma Invoices
Approve Customer Accounts
Volume Discounts
Allow 30 Day 'On Account' Payments
Supplier Reordering
Choice of Hosting Location
Autoscale Hosting
301 Redirects
Open API Access

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