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We understand that a D2C and B2B stores have different needs. Yet with all of our features included for everyone – our features allow you to be both at the same time.

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Extend your store with these amazing free widgets from our partner Elfsight. 

  1. - Create an account with Elfsight using this link
  2. - Style the widget your way
  3. - Copy the 2 lines of script code as per this support article


Instagram Feed

Add posts from your Instagram account or by hashtag to your website

Facebook Feed

Display posts, photos and videos from Facebook on your site

Twitter Feed

Embed tweets or trending hashtags from your own Twitter account

TikTok Feed

Get TikTok content directly on to your website and boost engagement

YouTube Gallery

Display YouTube channels and videos on your store

Vimeo Gallery

Share your Vimeo hosted shorts on your online store

Social Feed

Add content from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others

Social Sharing

Allow your site visitors to share your content to friends and on social media


Integrate pins and boards from a Pinterest account on your site


All in One Reviews

Show reviews from Google, FB, Amazon and 20 others on your store

Google Reviews

Embed reviews on your place on Google right on your store

eBay Reviews

Display customer reviews on your products from your eBay store

Amazon Reviews

Embed the reviews you've earned on Amazon directly onto your webstore

Testimonials Slider

Demonstrate your customer testimonials on your site

Facebook Reviews

Display reviews from your Facebook page on your site

Etsy Reviews

Display reviews from your Etsy store directly on your Shopit store

Tripadvisor Reviews

Show reviews from your Tripadvisor entry, complete with filtering

Houzz Reviews

Display positive reviews on your services/products from Houzz

Customer Service Chat

All in One Chat

Let users chat with you on FB, WhatsApp, Telegram and more

WhatsApp Chat

Let users contact you on WhatsApp straight from your website

Facebook Chat

Allow users to contact you on Facebook Messenger from your store

Useful Tools

Cookie Consent

A convenient way to notify users about your cookies

Back to Top

Help your users instantly scroll to the top of a page in one click

Countdown Timer

Create Timers and counters to boost and urgency on your store


Create all types of popup: banners, bars, notifications

Age Verification

Verify age to restrict underage users from access to your site

Pricing Table

Create all sorts of pricing plans for whatever you sell

Form Builder

Get leads, conduct surveys, and collect opinions


Demonstrate the answers to the most common questions

Google Maps

Add a map to your website so your customers can find you

Event Calendar

Showcase key diary dates, events on your website

Audio Player

Embed a player for people to listen to your podcasts or tracks

Podcast Player

Allows people to listen to your podcasts in a handy player on your site

Number Counter

Boast about your marvellous achievements in numbers to your audience

Showcasing Images

Photo Gallery

Numerous ways to showcase your photos: grids, sliders and more

Logo Showcase

Show off the brand, partner or clients logos on your store


Showcase products or people with a customisable portfolio

Instagram Widget

Display your Instagram profile to attract new followers


Create image, video and text sliders for your online store


Display additional promotional or informative banners on your website

Before and After Slider

Show users how your work or products look before/after an event or moment 

Other Useful Widgets and Design Tools

Subscription Form

Collect emails with a subscription form on your website


Display additional call to action buttons on your website

PDF Embed

Let people view and download PDF files to their own devices

Click to Call

Provide users with the fastest way to call you directly from your website

Paypal Button

Let people pay or donate with Paypal. Additional to the Shopit Paypal gateway

Restaurant Menu

Present your dishes and drinks on your site to attract more visitors

QR Code

Use a QR code to help people get any info instantly on their phones

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Our Premier Partners – here to help you sell more, stock less, save money and improve your brand. All our Partners are carefully selected for their quality and reputation.


Support & Documentation

Our documentation and training videos will guide you and your agency through all the hundreds of features available for you to maximise its potential when design and creating.



A snapshot of some key questions – you can also submit your own

How does the free trial work?

Every customer that signs up for their 30 day free trial can test and play with every feature that Shopit develops. Once live, those features continue to be available to everyone on a Pay as you Grow basis. 

How often do you release new features?

Our team are constantly building new features to add to the Shopit platform – shipping integrations, marketplace integrations, new design templates and more. Sometimes it’s 2 per month, sometimes it’s 10.

Do you offer custom feature development?

We welcome any new idea that will help your business, and once developed, release it as a core module. Whether it’s improving speed, stock management, or security, we believe in continual improvements

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. If you decide you want to cancel your account you can do easily by contacting the team by email, and we will immediately cancel your account with no questions asked.

We're a B2B business - can you help us?

Shopit includes a number of B2B features available to all including: estimates/proformas, 30 day account payments, approved customers, volume discounting and more. 

What if I get stuck?

Every new client has the opportunity of a free onboarding walkthough of each feature. We also offer standard and extended support contracts for those who demand more.

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