Google Cloud Hosting

Always Online

As your sales grow, so should your infrastructure.

You focus on scaling up your business and fulfilling all those new orders, and we’ll take care of reacting to your unprecedented demand. If there is a surge in customers, our Shopit Cloud platform hosting scales instantaneously – no matter where that demand comes from globally.

What’s more – you only pay for what you use. So when everyone is asleep at 3am, so is your server.

Get started with autoscale hosting – it’s the best way to grow your operations

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Google Cloud : Technology Partner

Shopit Cloud is a Google Technology Partner which means that we work closely with them on all our cloud operations.


Speed is of the Essence

Google Cloud is an $35bn hosting network – the latest tech, the fastest processors, and the smartest staff available.

It can automatically load balance web traffic and DNS serving, meaning you have a fast web presence on a global scale. Used by Spotify and Snapchat, this lightning speed network currently has 100 points of presence in 33 countries and is growing.

Security is Paramount

Google’s Information Security Team comprises 700+ highly skilled experts whose entire mission is to guard the Google Cloud Network including their own GMail and Drive services. This is not a shopping marketplace reselling its space, this is the company that underpins the internet as we know it.

Watch the 2017 keynote explaining the depth to which Google go to maintain security and integrity.