Inventory Management

It’s easy to distinguish between a regular eCommerce business and a successful one. One has a clear understanding of stock value, stock location and all the movements between; the other doesn’t.

Shopit gives you everything you need to ensure you can always sell

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Product Management

Centrally Manage it All

Rich SKU Management

Shopit holds all your product information in the cloud –product descriptions, images, GTINs, BIN locations and categorisation so it’s easily accessible through all your sales channels.

All products can be assigned to multiple categories and have product filters applied so your customers can find exactly what they are looking for with ease and simplicity.

The ability to attach cross-sells to any product also helps to push your recommendations to your customers.

You can also add multiple product custom fields to extend your database as you progress

improved staff workflows

Customisable Inventory Views

Customisable views enable you to filter products in the Shopit system to your requirements.

Need to see which products are uncategorised? Create a view for that.

Create as many views as you need to make your workflow manageable for you.


Stock Management


Multi-Stock Location

You can track and manage multiple stock locations, BIN locations and stock values from within the same interface that you manage the sales channels.

As an eCommerce business evolves, it learns that selling as many items as possible is great – provided you have the stock. Many eCommerce systems neglect stock management, or expect you to upgrade – Shopit gives you everything from day one.


Supplier Purchase Orders

Shopit acts an ERP in giving our clients detailed information on items out of stock, age of current stock and incoming orders, as well as the ability to raise supplier purchase orders directly from your admin.

Once received, your Goods In team can, using third party apps, scan incoming packages, matching them to the raised supplier orders or rejecting oversupply or damaged stock by adding notes.

making warehouse operations easy

Picking Orders

With every order printed off and BIN locations already attributed to every single inventory item, picking orders becomes easier.

Warehouse teams can quickly locate each line item of an order, annotating notes as they wish, and marking each one complete for immediate communication to the Customer Account area.

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Our Premier Partners – here to help you sell more, stock less, save money and improve your brand. All our Partners are carefully selected for their quality and reputation.


Support & Documentation

Our documentation and training videos will guide you and your agency through all the hundreds of features available for you to maximise its potential when design and creating.



A snapshot of some key questions – you can also submit your own

How does the free trial work?

Every customer that signs up for their 30 day free trial can test and play with every feature that Shopit develops. Once live, those features continue to be available to everyone on a Pay as you Grow basis. 

How often do you release new features?

Our team are constantly building new features to add to the Shopit platform – shipping integrations, marketplace integrations, new design templates and more. Sometimes it’s 2 per month, sometimes it’s 10.

Do you offer custom feature development?

We welcome any new idea that will help your business, and once developed, release it as a core module. Whether it’s improving speed, stock management, or security, we believe in continual improvements

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. If you decide you want to cancel your account you can do easily by contacting the team by email, and we will immediately cancel your account with no questions asked.

We're a B2B business - can you help us?

Shopit includes a number of B2B features available to all including: estimates/proformas, 30 day account payments, approved customers, volume discounting and more. 

What if I get stuck?

Every new client has the opportunity of a free onboarding walkthough of each feature. We also offer standard and extended support contracts for those who demand more.

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