Inventory Management

Manage all your orders in one place and fine-tune your workflow for increased efficiency.

Easily manage your product data

Shopit holds all your product information in the cloud – product descriptions, images, GTINs, BIN locations and categorisation so it’s easily accessible through all your sales channels.

All products can be assigned to multiple categories and have product filters applied so your customers can find exactly what they are looking for with ease and simplicity.

The ability to attach cross-sells to any product also helps to push your recommendations to your customers.

Customisable inventory views

Views enable you to filter products in the Shopit system to your requirements. Need to see which products are uncategorised? Create a view for that.

Create as many views as you need to make your workflow manageable for you.

Shopit Order View Creation

Unlimited product variations

Shopit includes three product types: singles, variations and kits, allowing you to manage multiple product sizes, colours and all types of other variants with ease.

Reorder stock with confidence

All inventory levels are kept up-to-date in the Shopit system so you know exactly what needs reordering and when. Each product can be set with a low stock alert trigger so you can decide whether to reorder and by how much.

Shopit also provides the facility to record goods coming in and each record is logged, so you have a clear picture of when the shipment arrived and who processed it.


Shopit combines order and inventory data with supplier information allowing you to make smart decisions in controlling incoming and outgoing stock.

Prioritise products to maximise performance

Our drag and drop Product Prioritisation feature makes it so very simple to position your item right. Where the item you want to sell would normally appear on the second page of a category group, you can move it quickly to position 2 or 5 to ensure it’s more prominent.