Shopify Plus Interview with Piers Thorogood from WeMakeWebsites 49min

Paul and Piers run through the pros and cons of running your online empire with Shopify Plus

What we learned

An eye opening deep dive into Shopify Plus revealed that Shopit users are getting a premium platform comparable to – and often better than – Shopify Plus. Here’s our takeaways:

Limited to 10 websites

Shopify Plus gives users a maximum of 10 sites to build, which might be the right size for one brand in 10 countries. Shopit gives unlimited websites – for international clients, and multi brand clients.

Product Management across multiple sites

Managing products, orders and inventory across the 10 sites that Shopify Plus gives users is very disjointed. All editing is done on different screens – in fact virtually different logins.

Multicurrency not easy

Shopify virtually insist on using their own native gateway (or surcharges apply) instead of freely allowing multiple gateways for multiple sites

Plugins paid for multiple times

Although Shopify is renowned for its plugin ecosystem, relying on third parties means that if you have 10 sites, you’ll often have to pay for the same plugin 10 times.

Huge fixed costs

With Shopify Plus’s fixed £24k/year licence costs, you’ll be paying out before your 10 sites are even built. And before they even have any visitors.

Same Codebase

The guys believe that the Plus codebase is basically the same as the one for Basic, with a few extra features like Flow and access to the same plugin ecosystem




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Neil Balcombe

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