We believe in levelling the playing field, in raising equal opportunities


We believe it’s important for you to know where we come from as a company, as a platform, as a belief structure.



We are a company borne out of adversity.

From our background as people to our background working in the eCommerce world, adversity has been our challenge to overcome.

We are a company that recognises the need for equal opportunity.

We acknowledge how far we have come, what we have created, and believe in sharing our assets for the greater good.

Equal opportunities for all
council estate upbringing

Humble Beginnings

Our Founder – eCommerce Consultant Adam Pritchard – lived most of his childhood on a council estate to a single mother of 2 children. In itself, that is not a hardship but a reflection of a large demographic in the UK and world beyond.

But where successive governments had failed to properly invest the nations riches and ideas into such communities, so people from such places face increased barriers to any kind of financial – and often emotional – success.

Getting a Chance

From streets littered with broken glass, to neighbours guilty of burglary and murder, Adam and his family fought to maintain standards of self-esteem and education, and like plenty of others, broke out of a cycle that afflicted so many nearby.

He got his lucky break by being coerced into taking the 11+ exam, and – in passing – spent the next 7 years at a grammar school where his ceilings were smashed. He sat alongside children of a more comfortable background, as well as those who were breaking through just like himself.

It is this turn of fortune that keeps him coming back to support the little guy, and what has ultimately created Shopit.

grammar school break
together we rise

Make a Difference

Many more opportunities presented themselves throughout his life to support those who need a step up – from building a grassroots council estate football club, to helping hundreds of small businesses get off the ground.

And it is these ethics that now form the centre ground of Shopit’s vision.

Shopit may well exist in a crowded eCommerce platform space, but we are the only one to truly back those smaller and growing businesses by aligning our growth with theirs.

“When I was a volunteer football coach, we had two kids playing in midfield, who couldn’t have come from more different backgrounds.
“One was off to piano lessons in the family Range Rover after the game, whilst the other would walk the streets until his Dad got home from work, or his mother woke up from her hangover and depression.
“Yet on the pitch they were equals – and friends. They both had a ball between them, both had acres of space to run about in, and both beamed with smiles. That moment taught me a great deal.”
Adam Pritchard


Creating Something Great

Having spoken to hundreds of startups, fledgling and passionate growing businesses, we saw that there were always too many upfront barriers. There was always a large financial commitment at the start that blocked so much inspiration, ingenuity and innovation.

What’s more, technology companies know that this is merely profiteering. Once a line of code is written and tested, it is complete and can be used by anyone. That’s half the definition of a SaaS – reusable central code.

But having to upgrade your monthly subscription fee every time you want a couple more pre-coded features – before you’ve even used them – is a vicious linear path that eats into desperate budgets.

ecommerce office
Shopit eCommerce dashboard

eCommerce Equality

When Adam founded Shopit it was with the intention of levelling the playing field, breaking glass ceilings and numerous other very valid cliches.

We have a unique model of growth based pricing – as the client grows, so do we, and with that our objectives are aligned.

Every client gets access to every feature including the unlimited site creation and the market leading low gateway fees. Therefore success becomes an equal opportunity – everyone is tested by their talent, not their pocket.

Where are we now?

We believe we have created an eCommerce platform to rival any.

Shopit excels in its native functionality – offering greater international scale than any other platform from its all inclusive features.

We believe in creating features that merchants need, and negotiating the best possible rates and services from a few key partners – all to give every single merchant the power to succeed.

Google Cloud Hosting

We believe that talent and hunger can succeed.

We believe that knowledge, education and daring can shine.

We believe in doing something different.

Amazing photo credits to polinakovaleva.com  and Djordje Petrovic