Create and Manage Workflow

Giving you control to segment the information you need

Customisable Views

Accessing the right data at the right time is key to staying operationally efficient.

Shopit gives all users the ability to customise key screens with the data you need to see at that moment in time. Warehouse pickers can see different data to the accounting staff; whilst employees for specific sales channels can see what they need – whether it’s order statuses, stock statuses or EAN data.

This feature if available for both order views and product views (coming soon to inventory)


custom order views


Customisable Statuses

In order for you to gain maximum value from Shopit, we’ve made lots of features customisable.

We recognise that some businesses need 12 order and fulfilment statuses whilst others need 5. You can also create whatever customer communications you need with customisable email order notifications and designs, whilst the APIs can be hooked into SMS notifications as well.


custom order statuses