Warehouse Management

Whether you choose to use WMS software like Peoplevox, Snapfulfil or our very own Stockit warehouse management app, you can track every incoming and outgoing package, associate them with supplier and customer orders, and annotate any delivery notes, stock BIN location or damages

Scan & allocate incoming stock

Your Goods In team can scan incoming packages, matching them to the raised supplier orders or rejecting oversupply or damaged stock by adding notes. Next they can choose from a predefined list of available bin locations as to where to store the item, all via our simple to use StockIt app.

Make picking orders easier

With every order printed off and bin locations already attributed to every single inventory item, picking orders becomes easier.

Warehouse teams can quickly locate each line item of an order, annotating notes as they wish, and marking each one complete for immediate communication to the Customer Account area.

Add returns and damages notes

Whether via the Stockit app or the system admin, notes can be added to orders for any reason – serial numbers, damages, reasons for return or overstocking – communication becomes easy.