Order Management

Managing all your orders in one place

Customisable Order Statuses

Labelling orders with statuses is a crucial part of processing customers orders. With Shopit you can create as many order statuses as you require to suit your workflow. Assign different colours so they stand out and even trigger automatic order email notifications to your customers when an order status is changed.

You can also create custom email notifications for your customers and internal staff to ensure smooth communication.


custom order statuses


Customisable Order Views

Every business manages their orders differently. With Shopit you have control over how orders are displayed and handled with our powerful customisable views feature.

Tabbed screens enable you to quickly move between filtered orders. You can even choose which order data you’d like to see per screen.


custom order views

Packing note templates to maintain your brand

Shopit provides unlimited packing notes per sales channel so you can be sure that any packing notes or invoices can be sent out with the correct branding and order details.

Fully customisable using HTML and CSS, you can create fantastic templates that are easily printable and which can contain dynamic data.

Track refunds and returns

Refunds and returns is all part of running a retail business. Shopit enables you to attach refunds and returns to existing orders.

You can record when an item was returned, why it was returned, the condition it was returned in and the amount refunded, if any.