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Shopit believes in helping customers grow – and this is reflected in our lifetime low rates for everyone. Other gateways only drop their fees once your business is bigger – our gateway fees are always low

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Why are your gateway rates so cheap?

Our Shopit Payments partners believe in what we are trying to do - enable more people to easily and affordably sell online. Elavon and Retail Merchant Services have both backed Shopit by offering very low rates to everyone, irrespective of turnover.

Can I sell to different currencies?


Both Shopit Payment gateway partners offer the ability to sell in over 100 currencies worldwide, paying out to you in any of 16 major currencies.

How fast can I get hold of my funds?

You can withdraw your cleared funds within 24 hours if required. There may be a small cost to do so (speak to your chosen provider).

Can I cancel at any time?

Once signed up with a payment gateway, you are subject to their contractual terms and conditions, which differ. You will need to check with your chosen gateway.

We have a shop, can you do ePOS hardware?


Shopit is already perfect for those who want to combine selling online with selling in store, and our payment gateway partners can also get you setup with hardware and great 'in person' rates

Where do I see my transactions?

The payment gateways will give you direct access to their own transactions portal where you can see all accounts. You will also see your paid orders in the Shopit admin from all sales channels created

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