Creating new revenue streams online

When COVID-19 hit thousands of businesses across the UK, many had to pivot.

Neville Wright of Chigwell Gardens & Landscapes chose Shopit to launch his online business and he’s not looked back.

This is his story.

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2020 was a transformational year for any business that managed to survive the global pandemic.

Neville Wright knew that his business had to go online to survive and succeed, and in choosing Shopit as his ecommerce platform, he was able to build 4 websites across a range of market sectors.

Connecting his sites to Facebook, Google Shopping/Adwords and eBay connected him to more homebound customers and boosted his sales further.

He now has a green future to look forward to.

“Moving my business online not only saved it, it grew sales significantly”

How Shopit helped

Shopit gave Neville every feature available from day one :


  • 4 ecommerce websites
  • centrally manage orders, products and stock
  • free training and support, and
  • 3 months free subscription

A Next Generation Platform

Shopit is a next generation platform, offering you the ability to sell online at ridiculously low rates. Unlike other platforms we offer every feature to everyone from day one, including multiple sites and the lowest transaction rates.

You can sell on ebay, Facebook and Instagram right from your Shopit dashboard. We are a Google Technology Partner and you will benefit from their exceptional cloud hosting.

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Together we’re stronger

We’re lucky. Our business is hosted on a server and written in complex code.

It makes sense to share what we’ve developed with the bricks and mortar stores that we visit at lunchtimes and weekends.

Tough times call for togetherness.


Giving you more

Watch our Apprentices Lewis and Kenna (The Apprentice 2019) battle it our for eCommerce supremacy!

And learn more about the enterprise level features and growth potential that Shopit gives every customer, every time.


Defining your future

It always makes sense to diversify, to have multiple income streams and to protect yourself.

Sometimes we simply don’t get the time.

Now’s your chance to create a longer term strategy to sell 24 / 7 and keep your business insulated


Support & Training

Not everyone is an ecommerce expert – so we will help those business pivoting online to get online. From design to shipping, we’re here to help

The Techie Bits

To create and launch your eCommerce site, there’s a few things you need:


  • Company Logo, contact details and company number

  • Product Data (titles, descriptions, images etc) – we can help

  • Domain Name

  • Terms & Conditions, Delivery Policy etc – we can help