Unlimited Products, Categories and Users

Be Unlimited

With all of your multiple sites and marketplaces, you’re going to need a huge range of products to sell to the world.

With Shopit there are no limits to the number of products you can upload, no limit to images or information, and no limit to the categories and sub-categories you need to create a great site navigation for your users.

Restrictive eCommerce Platforms

Grow your team without incurring charges

We believe that you should be able to grow your company, your staff and the various partners you might use without needing to upgrade.

The idea that additional users should incur additional charges is bizarre. We know that means companies simply create generic users for multiple people – actually risking audit trail issues.

We want you to have a SuperAdmin, a Warehouse Manager, a Picker 1 and Picker 2, different Sales Channel managers for each website…that’s the way a business is run successfully.

Grow your range without limits

We believe that you should be able to sell as many products you want – without needing to upgrade.

Our Pay as you Grow model means that you can add 50, 500 or 5000 products to your database paying tenths of pennies as you do, and being able to satisfy consumer demand for anything. With multiple sales channels you can also sell precisely the same products using different pricing or description strategies without increasing your database at all.

The choice is yours – we will never limit you.

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Grow your brands and sites without hassle

There is no other eCommerce platform that makes selling across multiple websites from one central admin as easy and straightforward as Shopit.

Our competitors would expect you to set up additional accounts, paying additional fees and still limiting you on features until you upgrade.

Shopit makes creating multiple sites – perhaps for different languages, for different brands or even a B2B wholesale site – so easy that you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it already.

Sell more, pay less.


Multiple Sales Channels