Pay as you Grow Pricing

What will I pay?

Pay as you Grow ecommerce offers customers variable pricing – saving you money as you grow your business.

In simple terms, you pay for the database + your traffic at a fraction of the cost of other fixed cost platforms.




Our customers get all this

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Our customers always pay less than on other platforms


100k turnover
200k turnover
400k turnover
1 million turnover

How does it work?

Levelling the playing field

First of all we give you everything.

Every feature you need to drive forward.

Then we simply bill for resource use. That comprises the database size and the bandwidth – your products plus traffic.


How do Shopit costs compare?

Shopit customers pay significantly less when websites are quieter – for example the middle of the night – thereby saving you money for sales and marketing campaigns, or buying stock.

With other platforms you are paying fixed hosting and licence fees whether anyone is using the platform or not.

Wasted money.

Pricing Innovation

Major eCommerce platforms like Shopify, EKM and LinnWorks have long profited from limiting users in functionality and forcing them to upgrade to get any kind of real feature set.

We believe in a different way.


Supporting you all the way

Shopit will always give every single one of our customers the full feature set available from day one of trading, so that each business has a full tool kit to take on the world.

Whether it’s custom order statuses, multiple product variations, customisable search filters, or multi location stock management, image crunching or real-time price comparisons – if we’ve built it, you can play with it.

Groundbreaking Payment

Stay focused on your core activities and let the technology work for you. Manage your multichannel sales activities easily in less time.

Every entrepreneur and online retailer needs a cost-effective eCommerce solution. With Shopit you have your finger on the pulse of everything with inclusive smart reporting, stock management and plenty of marketing tools to drive your business forward.

Unlimited growth potential

Name an eCommerce platform that lets you sell on numerous of your own websites, plus marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Flipkart. We’ll wait.

Shopit is the UK’s only progressive ecommerce platform.

Enterprise level features from day one – instead of fixed costs for limited functionality.

What’s more, our typical clients pay less than 0.3% of their online turnover for supreme hosting and ecommerce features, which is less than the fixed fees of other limited platforms.

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Only pay for what you use

Petrol, electricity, food.

You only pay for the important things you need as you consume them – and your business should be the same.

When Shopify and BigCommerce charge you fixed licence and hosting fees, they are charging you for every single minute of the day, even when you and your customers are asleep. You pay the same for 3am as you do for 6pm.

And we don’t think that’s fair.

By applying fees only when your site is being used by your customers, Shopit helps you save money during the quiet hours. We harness the power of Google Cloud to give you fast, resilient and autoscaling hosting to ensure your server boots up in milliseconds should the masses arrive at 3am.

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