Customer Savings Examples

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Shopit customers pay approximately 0.3% of their total online revenue on our best of breed ecommerce infrastructure – the fully featured API-driven Shopit platform hosted on next generation Google Cloud servers.

For start-ups or established enterprises, that’s a big saving.

For many more features.


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50 SKUs | 9,000
annual visits
| AOV: £20 | 100k turnover

Shopit Cloud: £65/mth

or 0.78% of revenue

Printing Supplies

600 SKUs | 12,000
annual visits
| AOV: £70 | 350k turnover

Shopit Cloud: £44/mth

or 0.15% of revenue

Mobility Aids

2000 SKUs | 450,000
annual visits
| AOV: £90 | 2M turnover

Shopit Cloud: £127/mth

0.076% of revenue

Outdoor Goods

7000 SKUs | 1M
annual visits
| AOV: £200 | 3M turnover

Shopit Cloud: £191/mth

0.076% of revenue

Sports Goods

1500 SKUs | 70,000
annual visits
| AOV: £285 | 5M turnover

Shopit Cloud: £99/mth

0.023% of revenue


40 SKUs | 12,000
annual visits
| AOV: £21 | 25k turnover

Shopit Cloud: £37/mth

1.7% of revenue


220 SKUs | 14,000
annual visits
| AOV: £4.50| 65k turnover

Shopit Cloud: £59/mth

1.08% of revenue

Baby Items

800 SKUs | 30,000
annual visits
| AOV: £40 | 120k turnover

Shopit Cloud: £65/mth

0.65% of revenue

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