Multiple Channels

Manage all your sales channels through one dashboard

Streamline processes

Simplify your business by using one central admin area to manage all your stock and sales channels.

Whether you have multiple website brands, or want to sell on Amazon, eBay and AliBaba, Shopit makes growth easier by pulling all of your orders into one customisable dashboard.

multiple sales channels

Channel aliases help differentiate customers

Sometimes you may want to create an alias of a channel for reporting and accounting purposes. Shopit makes this easy by allowing unlimited aliases to be created off a main sales channel. Aliases use uhe exact same data set against the main sales channel.

For example, you could have a main sales channel called ‘desktop’ which covers the desktop version of your website and create the alias channel ‘mobile’ whhch covers the mobile version. This allows separate reports and accounts to be generated against each ‘website’ and ‘mobile’ channel.

Globalise your brands

Sales channels offer the opportunity to run multiple storefronts each in different languages and currencies. Shopit offers a fully customisable experience – manage translations and foreign language paperwork all from within one centralised system.

Ebay & Amazon order sync

Amazon and ebay are two of the biggest and most popular marketplaces used today with many online businesses connecting with them as additional sales channels. Shopit can be setup to automatically import all your ebay and Amazon orders on a regular schedule so you don’t have to log in to two additional systems to check for orders. All orders appear within your order processing workflow.