Shopit review on Re:Platform podcast with James Gurd and Paul Rogers 49min

Paul and James run through the pros and cons of running your online empire with Shopit, with special guest Adam Pritchard

What you will learn

eCommerce consultants and podcast hosts James Gurd and Paul Rogers interviewed Adam Pritchard to explore the multi site benefits of Shopit, the tech stack, multicurrency features and more:

Unlimited websites

Shopit gives you the ability to create unlimited websites – perfect for international clients, and multi brand clients.

Product Management across multiple sites

Shopit offers single page editing of all product information across all created websites, making the process slick and easy to use.

Multicurrency options

Shopit lets you transact in over 100 currencies, whilst paying out to you in 14, meaning the world really is your oyster.

Centralised code

No need to additional plugins as Shopit includes every feature for every customer – from multi location stock management, to customisable email notifications and more.

Progressive PAYG

With Shopit’s PAYG model you can build your online empire but only pay as you grow your traffic, meaning you have low initial entry costs and unlimited potential.



James Gurd and Paul Rogers host the excellent eCommerce deep dive podcast for online sellers everywhere, covering topics like migration, how to choose the right features, and cost models of platforms

Fleur Underwood
Fleur Underwood

Fleur is a marketing enthusiast and writer, and an integral part of our own digital strategy.

In supporting our clients with marketing tips and ideas, she also writes about how Shopit can improve so many businesses