You can’t sit back and expect your product or service to sell itself. Would you buy something online based on a picture or name alone? We know we wouldn’t, and there’s a good chance your audience won’t either.

Product descriptions are essential to eCommerce success. They give customers the full picture of the product before buying, providing enough information for them to make a well-informed decision. ​87% of consumers​ say accurate, rich, and complete product content is very important when deciding whether to buy. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your product descriptions.

Know your product 

You can’t sell what you don’t know. By getting to know the product like the back of your hand, you can provide an accurate and informed description for your audience. The mix of knowledge and your company’s own personal flare can have the power to persuade a customer to make a purchase. 

However, a misinformed and weak product description can turn customers away instantly. Learning the ins and outs of your product before trying to sell it to others will benefit your description hugely and allow customers to trust you and what you’re providing.

Factor in your wider brand and message

Product descriptions shouldn’t just be a bland factual list of your product, they should flow with your wider site and brand personality. Not only do customers want to know your product but they want to know why they should get this product from you. 

Building a comfortable and easy dialogue between buyer and seller can all be done through product descriptions. This is your chance to talk directly to your customer – show them what you’re about!

Offer solutions

Showcase what benefits your product has to offer and make sure to focus on what it can do for them. Although you need a description of its impressive features, focusing on the product’s benefits adds a whole new allure and persuasion to your product description, making it personal to the buyer. You can do this by talking about what issues your product will solve and why your customer’s lives will be better and easier. 

Convince the customer why they need your product and how this purchase will solve their problems.

Know your customer 

Selling becomes a lot easier when you know your audience and their reasons for buying. You want to adjust what you write to fit with who is most likely to read it. By establishing a buyer persona, you can match your language, tone, and terminology to include the benefits most applicable to the specific audience.  

Write tactically 

Use the power of the English language to your advantage and stay away from big chunks of text or wordy and complicated sentences. Evoke positive emotions with a can-do attitude and avoid any negative words or connotations. When refining your descriptions, make sure they’re concise, clear, and easy to scan. Appeal to all potential buyers, from those who know about what you’re selling to product newbies. 

Website and product descriptions are one of the few ways we can truly connect with our audience. A good description can be the difference between a sure sale and a lost one. It can seem like a slog to get through – especially if you have hundreds of products – but it’s all worth it in the end.

Product descriptions are one important part of the eCommerce puzzle. At Shopit, we help you every step of the way. Every user is offered the full benefits of our platform, all with competitive PAYG pricing. To find out more, or set up a free trial, take a look on our website.

Fleur Underwood
Fleur Underwood

Fleur is a marketing enthusiast and writer, and an integral part of our own digital strategy.

In supporting our clients with marketing tips and ideas, she also writes about how Shopit can improve so many businesses