The global eCommerce market grew it’s total retail market share from 13.8% to 17.8% 2020. Our change in habits since lockdown means it is now forecast to grow to 24.5% of all sales by 2025.

People are shifting.

Therefore, it’s more important than ever to operate on the most efficient platform. With continual changes to the likes of Magento, and hosted platforms like Shopify and Shopit offering better value, thousands of users are being forced to migrate to a new platform.

It’s no wonder eCommerce platforms are such a hot topic right now. 



Migration is nothing to fear. It can be an opportunity for you to give your business the boost it needs. So choose your platform wisely. 

The common fears about eCommerce migration

Many companies are reluctant to migrate platforms because they’re worried about the effect it will have on their business. The main concerns are:

  • Losing customers 
  • Taking too long to migrate
  • High costs
  • It being too risky

At face value, these risks seem big. However, you’ll come to see that the biggest risk of re-platforming is not doing it. Refusing to migrate can lead to poor website performance, inadequate features, and high costs with no benefit to your business. 

Migration can give you more customers if you move to a platform with better features. If you move to a more affordable platform, you can spend the money you saved building better products, services, and experiences for your customers. If you move to a fully hosted platform, there’s no need to spend thousands on a new web developer, especially if all your software is pre-integrated for easy use. 

Migration doesn’t have to be difficult, and if you make an informed choice, you can end up with a much better service than you previously had. We make the process as simple as possible for companies migrating from Shopify or leaving EKM for example

How to migrate

How you migrate largely depends on where you’re moving. If you’re moving to another self-hosted solution, you must hire a web developer to design and build your website on your new platform. If you’re moving to a hosted platform, setup is much easier. Once your website is ready, you’ll be able to migrate your data.

You may benefit from the help of a partner company when it’s time to migrate your data. Some platforms offer data migration services for free. Some platforms are self-serve, while some data migration services charge a reasonable fee to make sure your data gets where it needs to be. Don’t overlook the importance of this part. You need to be sure your data will transfer.

You should migrate a sample set of data first. Then, if there are any problems, you can change your approach without losing any valuable data. Once you’ve done this, you’re safe to migrate your full data sets and go live. 

Don’t let the fear of costs stop you from moving to a new platform with visibly better performance. There are plenty of platforms, tools, and partner companies who help you keep the migration process as simple as possible.

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Sam Gilhouse

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